then i went to the store because he was still in front of my house and i didn’t dare to go in, and these little kids called me a hobo and i turned around to get really close in their faces, because i was still so angry at men, and they got scared haha a and then asked if i was jewish, but it was funny because they called me miss 

there was a man following me from the subway and he kept mumbling something and walking next by me. And i couldn’t really understand what he was saying but it sounded like sex and how much, and i kept shaking my head and trying to ignore it and went into a shop to let him go on walking, but he would still be there waiting on the corner and till my house he went on. And i got so angry and offended i suddenly hit him :( its been freaking me out the whole evening I’m not like this at all but i couldn’t control it, i was so disgusted by it, but i feel bad because he looked so shocked and disappointed that I’m doubting if i understood him right and i acted out to fast aaaahhhh i dont dare to go outside my neighbourhood anymore